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Hemp Products - The Guilt Free Treat
Bars with Maple Syrup and Hemp Seeds

Welcome to Mahem - Pride of Lanark Hemp Products

Mahem - Pride of Lanark hemp products - is a family run business dedicated to the production and promotion of Hemp. The Mahem Bar, a combination of maple syrup and hemp nuts, is coated in either light or dark chocolate. The bar was released by the Village Treats, a chocolatier in Balderson, Ontario in 2003. Since then, the hemp bars have proven to be very popular, and are being sold to health food stores across Eastern and Southern Ontario.  Not only do we offer the Mahem Bar, but we also offer scrumptious dehulled hemp seeds from Hemp Oil Canada Inc., Ste. Agathe, MB, for your snacking pleasure.

There is no other versatile plant like hemp with a such wide variety of purposes, including the manufacture of cordage, clothing and nutritional products. The hulled hemp seeds, the whole seeds with the crunchy outer shell removed, have such names as hemp seeds, hemp hearts, or shelled nuts.

 And if you want to become a MAHEM® Pride of LanarkTM retailer - just send an email and we'll set you up.